Not only cash only.

Payment options

Alp Spektakel
The Alp Spektakel is a joint venture. The payment options are therefore at least as diverse as the offer. Here you will find an overview of the various options.
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Bäuerin schneidet Alpkäse am Markt vom Alp Spektakel

At the market stalls

The market vendors all have their own cash registers and all offer very different ways to pay for purchases. Cash, with TWINT or credit cards. Some accept foreign currencies, others do not.

To the market

Tickets and offers of the Alp Spektakel

  • Admissions and value cards: cash or cashless
    Gastro area: value cards CHF 20.- and CHF 50.-

Value card system

  • Value cards are available at all ticket offices: parking lot Grüsch-Danusa, entrance village Seewis, festival area (large festival area/meadow Saglianes).

    Payment of unused amounts: Cash desk at the entrance of the village of Seewis, Festwirtschaft Grosser Festplatz, Saturday and Sunday until 6 p.m. at the latest.