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Program overview

Alp Spektakel
Every year, in October, the country and alpine economy is on every farmer's calendar far and wide. To meet after a rigorous alpine summer, to exchange and, of course, to bring to gourmets the products made with heart and mind.
In more than 15 years, many tons of the finest Prättigau alp cheese and many a lovingly modeled «Mödeli» alp butter went through the Chlus out into the wide world and into the stomachs of connoisseurs who appreciate to know how their food is produced.


on both days (Saturday + Sunday)

Saturday 10.00 am until 5.00 pm
Sunday 10.00 am until 4.00 pm

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Junge Bäuerin rüstet Alpkäse für die Marktbesucher.

Market street Alpine cheese, specialities & crafts market

Farmer families, alpine farmers and craftsmen as well as artisans offer their valuable products for sale at their stalls.

To the market (German only)
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Alpkäse, Wein aus der Bündner Herrschaft, Brot vom Dorfbeck und Fleisch aus der Dorfmetzgerei.

In the whole village Gastronomic offer

Regional, seasonal and nutritious. This is how you eat at the Alp Spektakel. 

To the catering facilities (German only)
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Schlangenbrot bräteln, alle Plätze an der Feuerschale sind besetzt.

Meadow «Saglianes» Children's program and petting zoo

Children will enjoy themselves on the large meadow Saglianes, just below the church. Games, fun and lots of «Jööö...» await them.

Children's program (German only)
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Ziegen sehen sich in der Rangordnung klar über den Schafen.

Meadow «Saglianes» Goats, sheep and shearing

The sheep and goat farmers proudly present their beautiful animals. Watch when the sheep go to the hairdresser.

To the goats, sheeps (German only)
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Kinderjodelgruppe in den Marktstrassen.

Feast for the ears Musical entertainment

A wide variety of groups are invited to the Alp Spektakel. From the local traditional «Ländler» group to big names from the world of folk music. Music is always an important part of the event.

To the music program (German only)



Saturday 10.00 am - 5.00 pm

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Blumengeschmückte Kühe ziehen von der Alp ins Dorf
Alpabzug mit über 100 geschmückten Tieren

Colorful. Descent with flower decorated animals.

The alpine cows, flanked by a flock of sheep and goats, are herded down to Seewis. A carriage of horses with the alpine cheese also accompanies the convoy.

To the alpine descent (German only)
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Degustation von Alpkäse in Seewis

Gym. Alpine cheese tasting with audience price

In Prättigau they like it when everyone has something to say. You are therefore cordially invited to decide which alpine cheesemaker from which Alp has produced the best alpine cheese this year!

To the cheese tasting (German Only)
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Prättigauer Power

Cozy. Älpler-Znacht

A hearty Älplermenu will be served in a cozy atmosphere with live music.

A hearty Älplermenu will be served in a cozy atmosphere with local live music. 

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Sunday 10.00 am - 4.00 pm

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Jodlermesse in der Kirche in Seewis

Chirch Seewis Yodel worship

It is already a tradition that the Alp Spektakel Sunday starts with a solemn yodel worship.

To the Yodel worship (German Only)
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Teilnehmer des Internationalen Alpenbarttreffens auf dem Weg zur Bühne

Gym International Alpine Beard Meeting

A hairy thing for whole guys! Wanted: The most beautiful beard. The most beautiful «Full beard naturale International» and the most beautiful «Full beard naturale Älpler».

To the Alpine Beard Meeting (German Only)
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Kindergruppe am Umzug durch das Dorf Seewis

Cuteness alert. Original children's parade

Children from Prättigau parade through the streets of Seewis with bells, dolls and whoever likes with their favorite animal.

To the children parade (German only)
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Bauer führt sein Rind in den Richterring.

Meadow «Saglianes» Prättigau Cattle Sepctacle

Every year the traditional autumn cattle show takes place at the Alp Spekakel. For once it is animal beauty contest.

To the Cattle Sepctacle (German only)
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Zwei Schönheiten warten auf die Juryauswertung.

Meadwo «Saglianes» Coronation of the Queen of the Alps

This coronation is in no way inferior to those in the royal houses of Europe. A little less pompous but genuine.

To the alpine queen (German only)

Admission fees

  • Event tickets for Saturday and Sunday during the day including shuttle bus from Grüsch train station and car park with cheese sampling bon:
    CHF 10.00 (Children up to 15 years of age free) -> no pre-selling, directly at the pay desk