Prättigau Alp Spectacle

October 7th & 8th 2023

Alpabzug Prättigauer Alp Spektakel 2022

Original. Traditional. Unique.

Welcome to the Prättigauer Alp Spektakel!

The Prättigauer Alp Spektakel is a successful mix of hearty Swiss alpine culture, modern alpine economy and living traditions.

Celebrate with us: large alpine procession, alpine cheese tasting, alpine and speciality market, animal exhibitions, children's zoo, international alpine beard meeting, cattle spectacle and various other kinds of things...

Alp Spektakel
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Keeping track of things.

About the program

Celebrate with us! Alpine culture, living traditions and a down-to-earth supporting program - the Prättigauer Alp Spektakel offers all of this and even a litte more...

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Thank you all for this wonderful weekend

On behalf of the entire OC of the Alp Spektakel we thank you for this wonderful celebration! It was «uh narrä hübsch» - what means it was just great! Many thanks to the visitors, all the farmers, the market riders, the loyal, generous partners and sponsors, the many great helpers in front of and behind the scenes and last but not least the municipality of Seewis: The event showed once again what can be achieved when everybody is pulling in the same direction!

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More cheese?

Cheese pick-up points

The Alp Spektakel has whetted your appetite and you would like to buy more of your newly discovered favorite cheese? Here you will find an overview of the alps represented at the event.

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