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Review 2023

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Alp Spectacle 2023

On behalf of the entire OC of the Alp Spektakel we thank you for this wonderful celebration! It was «uh narrä hübsch» - what means it was just great! Many thanks to the visitors, all the farmers, the market riders, the loyal, generous partners and sponsors, the many great helpers in front of and behind the scenes and last but not least the municipality of Seewis: The event showed once again what can be achieved when everybody is pulling in the same direction!

Alpabzug im Gespräch


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Alpine Beard Meeting


The participants of the very special kind of hairy competition traveled from Switzerland, the Principality of Liechtenstein, Germany, Austria and France to present themselves at the 37th Alpine Beard Meeting.

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Gewinner Kat. Älpler, 37. Alpenbarttreffen 2023

Winner category "Full Beard Natural Alpine"

1. Kurt Rohner, Diepoldsau (CH)
2. Christian Jost, Wolfhalden (CH)
3. Hans Peter Tscharner, Pusserein (CH)

Ranking category "Alpine 2023"
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Gewinner Kat. International Alpenbarttreffen 2023

Winner category «Full Beard Natural International»

1. Anton Reimann, Oberhof (CH)
2. Marc Bereiter, Gaissau (A)
3. Willi Preuss, Sulzbach-Rosenberg (D)

Ranking category "International 2023"

Alpine cheese tasting 2023 with audience price

16 Alps faced the strictest jury of all: all of us who love cheese! Of course, an evaluation by the audience differs enormously from that of an expert jury. There count completely different criteria than just the taste. But let's be honest: if it tastes good, then it tastes good. And what many people like is not necessarily the best.

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Best Alpine Cheese 2023

1. Alp Mäder, Küblis
2. Alp Valpun, Luzein
3. Alp Carschina, Schiers 

Audience Rating Best Alpine Cheese 2023

Animal competitions

Every year at the Alp Spectacle, not only the most beautiful beards but also the most beautiful cows and cattles are chosen. And believe it or not, the four-legged ones are usually not less demanding than the two-legged models ;-).

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Alpkönigin 2023 Kuh Billy, Armin und Karin Herger, Alp Rona Furna

Alpine Queen 2023

“Billy” from Armin and Karin Hergers' stable, Furna

Ranking Alpine Queen 2023
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Miss Rinderspektakel 2023 «Kivi», Georg Florin, Serneus

Miss Cattle Spectacle 2023

“Kivi” from Georg Florins' stable, Serneus

Ranking Cattle Spectacle 2023
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Prättigauer Rinderchampion 2023 «Jamina»

Prättigauer Cattle Champion 2023

“Jamina” from Marco Jäggis' stable, Grüsch

Ranking Cattle Spectacle 2023